The Philosophy of Wine

There is an apocryphal tale of an ancient Persian king who stored some particularly good grapes in a jar that he then marked “poison”, lest someone eat them.  He forgot about them, of course, and when a despondent girl in his harem decided to kill herself, she drunk greedily of the jar.  She did not die.  She, instead, got high, and feeling better she shared her findings with the king.  She became his favorite.  He invented viticulture.  Then organized religion got involved and nearly spoiled it for all of us. 

This is not, of course, how wine was invented, but it has some truths in it. The first wine was most likely mead. It is not hard to imagine some primitive man or woman finding a beehive, perhaps in a hollow of a tree, which filled with rainwater and fermented naturally. Accident and discovery always seem to play some part in art and science. This blog has come about by accident, and I hope it will lead to discovery – both on my part and yours. Wine, it is said, is its own living organism, and so too, it would seem, is the Internet. Let us hope it flowers and grows a little more before it all turns sour.

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  1. I bet they got a pretty good buzz off that mead.

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