The Godfather

“Just when I thought I was out . . .they pull me back in!”

Like General Douglas MacArthur, I have returned. It has been an interesting ‘go back,’ to use the parlance of the trade, but I am in no way broken or damaged. It is amazing what a two-year-old will do to your attitude towards labor. Perhaps it would be better to adopt the George Costanza attitude and say, “I’m back, baby!”

I am fascinated by the changes in the wine industry in a scant seven years. There is a huge demand for vinho verde. A decade ago I would have guessed it was more likely that vino merde would take off. Prosecco abounds. In the 90’s Prosecco was largely referred to as a panty-peeler, a sexist term that has no bearing on the current market. Tempus fugit, and apparently it flies on Malbecian and Grüner Veltliner wings.

I am no curmudgeon. I find these changes delightful, just as I find the lingering scorn for Merlot in the aftermath of the film  “Sideways” to be comical, at best. Please, let me release you from that burden of Chateau Petrus in your cellar, I will take it off your hands for nothing.

Wine evolves, just as humanity does. Each year brings a different vintage, and despite the efforts of the spin-centrifuge salespersons, wine does change with the seasons, as does the taste preferences of the public. In that Stratford man’s time, the English citizenry loved a drink known as old, brown Hock. The oxidized wines of of the Rhine Valley near Hochheim were enjoyed by the Falstaffian men of the day as a delightful drink. No doubt superior to the dysentery-laden waters of the Thames.

Whatever your wine preference, I revel in my ability to learn your palette and help you find a wine that you enjoy. There are good wines and bad wines, and, as a former employer likes to boast, some wines are noble. But there are no wines that can be accessed without a turn of the screw (cap) or a turn of the cork (screw). Here the laws of nature rear their head, and the spiral, or helix, prevails.

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